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CLC offers Competence Training 4.0, so-called “Empowerment”, for companies, institutions and organizations. In doing so, there is no artificial separation between working time vs. recreation or professional life vs private life, but CLC understands and conveys it as competence conveying life time. Aligned to the new, upcoming and all changing everyday reality, the trainings open your awareness for a new mind set and convey the necessary skills. Either for the upcoming transformation, where there will be transitional mixed worlds or regarding life as “digital nomad” and human in the times of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Empower yourself and be a first Mover!

CLC has designed this update taking into account the new everyday realities of the affected persons between 15-35 and at the same time advising them in regards to the future caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution. Children born today will have jobs not existing today and live in a world which structure of civilization is not yet certain. It is only certain that we are going to live in a world of Work 4.0 and Industry 4.0 and we have to raise flexible, open minded, brave, sophisticatedly thinking, independent and creative personalities, who are up to the challenges of the future. That is what CLC Career Guidance 4.0 represents.

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