Human Resources 4.0

Thus far, the field “human resources” has been the central and decisive factor for the success of a thriving company. At the same time, the area “personnel” is usually the most cost intensive element of any company. Until now! The progressing mechanization, digitalization and automation has already enabled all companies to reduce their payroll costs considerably for the last 20 years. This development will be rapidly intensified due to upcoming quantum leaps in robotics and computer technology in the next two, four and six years. However, in the coming years there will be hardly any company, sector or occupational group being spared from the profound changes caused by the fourth industrial revolution. The question is not whether or not that happens, but merely when. The key task of a company is to adjust to the inevitable changes and to prepare all the people concerned. Anyone dealing with those changes, reconsidering and adapting present structures and realities of life will also be individually among the winners of the 4th industrial revolution. However, if you close your eyes to the already occurring change or plainly wait, you will be overrun by the fourth industrial revolution and you will definitely be counted among the losers. Companies are required to act in order to train the right personnel for the future or to acquire said personnel through Recruiting 4.0. Every person is the artisan/architect of his own future!

CLC accepts this great responsibility and helps its customers to continue to be successful and to be prepared for the future, which has already begun, by utilizing highly modern and forward-looking concepts.