Personnel Development

CLC recognizes two core tasks in the area of personnel development. On the one hand, the awareness of employees has to be prepared regarding the respective specific, individual and global changes brought by the 4th Industrial Revolution and in the true sense of the word to take away their fear of said changes.

On the other hand, employees need to be purposefully qualified, emotionally as well as objectively, for the new realities, structures and tasks created by the 4th Industrial Revolution .

One thing is for certain: In the coming ten years one third of all jobs will no longer exist , or rather, no longer exist in their current form. According to expert estimates, 66%-90% of all jobs will be affected in 20 to 40 years. Thus far it has been assumed that only unskilled labor is affected by digitalization. This fatal misjudgment is no longer shared by anyone and it is a fact that even the well-trained middle class will be affected in almost all areas.

So what does remain for people and the individual employee when work gets increasingly digitalized and automated and carried out by computer technology and robotics? Less and less work for more and more people?! So how do the workplaces of the future look like changed by the 4th Industrial Revolution and which professions can be performed and to what extent? Which skills have to be invigorated and promoted?

In the global considerations regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution it is primarily a question of technical and financial aspects from a shareholder’s point of view.

CLC, in turn, faces the pivotal task to prepare and moreover to qualify people for the already started change and the new era created by the 4th Industrial Revolution. The companies and their employees are prepared by means of highly modern and future-oriented concepts for what we will face because of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Creating new spaces for creativity, more humane surroundings and basis for future success of the community and the individual, in which the human being is not outperformed by a quantifiable performance of a machine- that is CLC’s mission!