The integrated and long-term care of young professionals between 15 and 30, regardless of their occupational category, has always been particularly important for me. As a neutral specialist, I am able to build a special bond of trust to my young clients, compensate situational weaknesses and contribute to self-empowerment in varying but important aspects for success. Due to my positive attitude and my experience in that defining age segment, I am able to create a trustful connection which results in lasting growth and success. I have tried out, refined and added important topics extensively to this new concept.


Education and qualification are very valuable for young adults and their parents. They invest a lot of time, money and energy in graduation, yet still the first step into professional life is an additional challenge. Especially the first three career stages are mostly crucial for the subsequent career. The youngster can only find partial support or only for a limited period of time. An individual personal development manager operating as coach and «grand frère» and, in addition, interacting with the market like a player’s agent is the gap I close with the new CLC «YoungStar» project.  The YoungStar’s overall support ranges from a personal standpoint determination and a goal definition over a lasting implementation through self-empowerment including coaching and skill training in the essential skill requirements to the support in the respective job or project. The new everyday realities of young adults determine the characteristic of my work as well as the knowledge and acceptance of the changing occupational realities caused by digitalization and topics like Future of Work. In order to make this economically feasible for a «YoungStar», I have created an up to date remuneration model based on results. Prerequisites of a YoungStar are virtues like diligence, integrity, commitment and faith in yourself. CLC supports you dealing with the with «how». You will receive further information after a non-committal first talk.