Career Management/ Recurring Career Cycles

CLC stands for Career Lifecycle Consultancy, for the consultation dealing with recurring career cycles. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. However, each ending has a new beginning- this needs to be grasped and the opportunity has to be dealt with correctly. In Chinese wisdom, a crisis is at the same time an opportunity. To accept that opportunity and to make the best of oneself and of the situation by developing the right mindset through the reliable CLC methods and practices, that is what CLC’s creed “empower yourself” represents.

We are already living in a work environment, which has become more project focused, more independent and more flexible. As a direct consequence, we are subjected to constant changes in our everyday working life. Starting with our own tasks or positions, those of internal and external colleagues and partners and the structures and organizations surrounding us, are subjected to those changes. This supposedly new challenge, which has accompanied and changed us over the last 20 years, will be accelerated rapidly by the fourth industrial revolution. New work environments and forms of work have been created, which have to be dealt with, in order to avoid being on the losing side.

Life as a digital nomad is certainly coupled with loss of control leading to blocks and even severe anxiety in the person affected.  For most employed people, this is unknown terrain and needs to be explained an opportunities have to be highlighted. The changes created by the faster advance of the 4th Industrial Revolution cannot be rejected or stopped, they will come more swiftly than we would like to. The CLC career management is your guarantor to rediscover yourself as a human and as a professional person and to be needed again.