Career Lifecycle Consultancy – abbr. CLC- is specialized in coachings dealing with career management with regard to the new challenges connected to the changes in our civilization caused by the 4th Industrial Revolution. The workplace is changing swiftly and is faced with substantial upheavals. Even individuals more frequently arrive at a point where it’s required to realign or even to reinvent oneself. However, oftentimes neither employers nor employees know whether and how to approach and implement the change processes correctly.

Furthermore, general career counselling desperately needs an update, as it is still aligned to an outdated system. CLC empowers coachees for the challenges of the future in order to be prepared for the new reality of life. The coachees are between 15 and 60 years old and CLC advises them regarding the repeating and accelerating career cycles and provides a new approach viable for the future. The CLC coaching takes place in single or group sessions and will be designed individually after a first discussion and according to your requirements.